Monday, November 24, 2008

They really can melt your heart...

Just a moment ago, during Noggin's 'Puzzle Time,' Moose says, "What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?" and Zane says, "Mommy and Daddy." Now, if only I can remember this moment the next time I want to bury my head and cry! :-)

Friday, November 21, 2008


It's amazing that a couple trees can get me down. About a month ago we discovered a water leak in our front yard. You know there's a problem when you have a puddle in the grass and it hasn't even been raining. We figured the one tree would have to go and guessed it was most likely partly responsible for the water leak. It had been damaged in the wind storm in September and we lost a big limb so much of the shade that we had enjoyed was gone so I had pretty much unattached myself from the tree. The other tree had been damaged but nothing had broken. Kurt had used a couple tie-downs to hold a limb on. When we got the note yesterday from the city about the one tree, Kurt called them this morning and told them about the other tree. We figured they would just trim the one limb off but, nope, they cut the whole thing down. Now there is no shade to enjoy. I just keep thinking about the summer...I would have two chairs under the one tree - one for me and the other for Zane. I would read a book and Zane would ride his big wheel up and down the sidewalk. When he was hot or thirsty, he would come sit with me and have a drink. I guess we can move to the tree on the corner. And then maybe next summer there will be a little less of me and the heat won't be such a big deal!! Ha Ha!!

Well, it's Friday night and we are off to Pizza House. Zane and I leave early and go sit by the railroad tracks. We usually get to see a train or even two! He doesn't like it when the engines go by but her sure wants to be right there to watch the rest of the train!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let's try again!

Maybe I'll get more down for Zane this time!! I've tried blogging before but didn't keep up with it. Hopefully this time will be better because there is so much I should have recorded for Zane. Maybe the momma guilt will be enough to keep me motivated??! We shall see.....

Currently I am being told that it is time to go to bed. Surprised that Kurt is ready to go to bed this early!! :-)